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Recently I was invited to present at the RISE & SHINE series by Candice Segar from Tambalani PTY Ltd with Vanessa Raphaely (founder of The Village & former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine) & R Bierman (integrated healer & coach). RISE & SHINE events aim at inspiring their audience to be motivated to seize the day & leave with nuggets of info that may be used to empower themselves/others.I presented on ’Why we choose the scents we do?’ It was a stimulating & interactive session delving into the mystery /psychology of fragrances & our subliminal pull towards certain types of fragrance directions.In our blind study that day, 35% of delegates chose masculine fragrances as 1 of their top 3 favourite choices, without knowing the brands or that male fragrances were included in the assessment. Fragrance brands need to wake up & provide innovative, gender-free ways to discover scent. COVID online selling has disrupted traditional sampling methods. Retailers need to embrace a new style of store -where personalised engagement & thrill create an adventurous space that educates the consumer.
I wonder if we had to un-brand perfumes & let consumers ‘blindly’ choose their fragrance (without all the marketing & sexual innuendo attached), if we would see a change in sales of such brands?

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