Ethereal is extremely light and delicate and seems not to be of this world. Idyllic, and airy –  an unforgettable love affair between cascades of roses and the petals of peony.

Elegant. Refined.  A whisper of white flowers innocently imbues onto a sensual heart of peach.   An exquisite mist of perfumed artistry evolves into an enticing base of translucent amber. Enveloped sandalwood notes entwine with animalistic musk, redolent with the scent of ancient ages and rituals. Every drop is captivating; an infusion of beauty, so exotic…so rare. A fragrance that honours the mysterious femininity of a woman.

Ethereal emanates the light in you.

Be You. Be Real. Be Ethereal.


Inspired by the innocence and ignorance of our youth. Hindered by the world’s consumerist mindset and encouraged by others who have gone before us, we join forces to further co-create a world worth living in. Together we can reduce the harmful impact of indulgent consumerism. Ethereal perfume packaging contains Bag-on-Valve (BOV) technology; a revolution in the glassed fragrance industry.  Choose a can. The Ethereal can is reusable up to 10x before being recycled. RECYCLE. REUSE. Or choose to REFUSE. Refuse purchasing products that are unsustainable.

• Good to the last ‘drop’ with up to 100% product emptying
• Longer shelf life with fewer preservatives.
• No need for flammable propellants.


Our Sheerlight Serum is a simplistic and minimalistic formulation designed to allow the skin to breathe and glow more freely. It contains a lot of natural, botanical ingredients, that boosts hydration, evens skin tone and minimizes the appearance of inflammation.

Feel like yourself again, embrace your light.

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