Our Story

O U R  S T O R Y

My schooling years on my family’s farm in the Eastern Cape were characterized by flutter-by memories of rooibos hot-potted tea in cups, interspersed with vanilla- infused milk tarts. Afternoons were spent in rose-landscaped gardens and fruit orchids, raking leaves or climbing trees. Balmy summer evenings, heavy -laden with jasmine notes, were fun-filled times of riding ponies in the dusk. My days were saturated with scents of the farm that cultivated my love for fragrances.

From young, I was taught that everything consumed, was to be re-used in some shape or form. From empty cans of soup that were eagerly promoted to colourful flowerpot holders, to glass jam jars destined to hold pickled fruit or vegetables. I wanted to create a fragrance that can compete with other premium fragrances in the marketplace, but not compromise the beauty of our planet. Together we can reduce the harmful impact of indulgent consumerism. Together we can promote sustainable living, without feeling guilty about polluting the planet with our purchases.

“ We feel most beautiful when we have nothing to hide”
– Beverley Claire Gardner, Founder

Inspired by the innocence and ignorance of one’s youth and hindered by the world’s consumerist mindset, BEVERLEY CLAIRE has joined forces with dynamic partners to further co-create a world worth living in- using smart technology to drive sustainability and educate the consumer. The brand is committed to sourcing all of its packaging supplies locally as well as the majority of its raw material ingredients.

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